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10 October – Gracious cycling

Download the MP3 A new style of riding?  Gracious cycling does as much to benefit you the rider as it does everyone else, says Patrick Jones of BikeWise.   Advertisements

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21 March – Rain rain rain

Download the MP3 Cycling in the rain was never my favourite thing but after talking with the expert I explore how to stay dry and toasty!  Who said mudguards were for wusses! See how it’s done in Copenhagen (photo by … Continue reading

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8 November – MegaPhone…

Download the MP3 Have you met the latest Cycleway personality?  Chances are, if you’ve ridden along Kent St or College St over the past 4 weeks during commuter times you would have seen a sensible looking gentleman wielding a large … Continue reading

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11 October – Ride to work… go on!

Wednesday of this week was Ride to Work day.  A brilliant time to kick start that rolling habit of taking two wheels to work.  Here’s a taster of what a bike commute feels like… Download the MP3

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6 September – May I borrow that bike?

Download the MP3 A great new initiative has opened up in the Inner West, the Bike Library.  A range of cargo bikes that you can borrow for up to 3 hours for free!  A great problem solver.  Not everyone has a … Continue reading

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22 March – Is there really a war out there?

Download the MP3 Following 60 minutes and various Sydney Morning Herald reports, BikeLove talks with 3 people from the ‘bicycle’ world and explores whether there really is a transport war in Sydney.  Patrick Jones is the Director of BikeWise, Richard … Continue reading

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7 December – What can we learn from London?

Download the MP3 This week BikeLove talks to Barry Mason from Southwark Cyclists, a local campaigning group.  Barry is a stalwart of the London Cycling Campaign (LCC) and heavily involved with Southwark Cyclists for many years.  He has seen cycling … Continue reading

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