30 November – Sue Abbott

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This week on BikeLove I talk to Sue Abbott, a wonderful woman from Scone who is making headlines within the cycling community.  She’s refusing to wear a bicycle helmet!  And what’s more, she’s taking her no-helmet-fine to court.

Now anyone who has done some minimal exploration into the helmet debate knows it is not black or white issue.  If you haven’t, but you have made up your mind have a read here and here

Typically, it is compulsory helmet law is an issue which is very emotionally charged.  But, there are two stark facts which I find interesting.

  1. Australia is one of only a handful of countries that made the helmet compulsory.
  2. The countries with lowest number of injuries (per km cycled) have not made helmets compulsory.

This is a topic I want to explore more fully on BikeLove in another show

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