23 February – Rider Spoke

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Apologies for being so late.  I was run down with a cold and so BikeLove is a week out!

So, this week on BikeLove I took part in Rider Spoke which came to the MCA.  An interactive bicycle art project – it’s pretty compelling!  Roaming around the city with a GPS/mobile strapped to your bike.  Listening to a seductive voice ask you questions and encourage you to make recordings around the city.  You also have the chance to listen to other people’s recordings.  I spoke with Matt Adams one of the founding artists of this project.  He hails from my home town of Brighton!

Rider Spoke is currently in Adelaide… so get on down there!

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2 Responses to 23 February – Rider Spoke

  1. Yogi says:

    Blast Theory was super personal and I just got random lucky.

    When asked to find a place your dad whould have liked.
    I was on the corner of King and york where my dad had a french restarunt called La Bicyclete.

    32 york st. ddownstairs.
    When i went on blast theroy, I was also burning a candle for my dad who died to the day one year before.

    Was quite a mooving experience

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