5 December – Cargo Bikes

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Ever wondered how to cart a load of gear from A to B…?  Gardening equipment, furniture, groceries, dogs and kids you can cart it all with any number of cargo bikes.  Growing in popularity they definitely open up some possibilities and the Cargo Bike Picnic celebrated their potential


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28 November – Cycle touring in the Netherlands

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And there’s more

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14 November – BikeTank

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This week Bikelove visits biketank; regular Brainstrust held every Tuesday morning at a cool warehouse space in Chippendale.


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31 October – Spring Spring Spring

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This week a lively episode of BikeLove at this year’s Spring Cycle.

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10 October – Gracious cycling

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A new style of riding?  Gracious cycling does as much to benefit you the rider as it does everyone else, says Patrick Jones of BikeWise.


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3 October – BFF 2011

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The very exciting Bicycle Film Festival is about to roll into town.  Screenings begin on 14th October at the Sydney Opera House.  It’s just one important part of the bigger festival which is Sydney Rides Festival.

I have booked tickets for the opening night to see the feature Bill Cunningham’s New York

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26 September – Talking bikes

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What makes bikes so darn talkable?  This week I talk to Jess Miller from Green Ups, ‘For the love of bikes’…  It’s on at The Beresford in Surry Hills, 4th October from 6pm…

Key highlights are:

Dr Ros Polous from UNSW talking Bike Risk

Patrick Jones, Director of BikeWise talking Gracious Cycling


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19 September – Crochet and bikes….

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So they don’t sound like your usual bedfellows but you’re in for a treat!  This week’s BikeLove follows us an artcycle tour organised by Angelina Russo of Culture Cycle for Sydney Design week.  Accompany us on our tour of Sydney as we take in exhibitions at The Carriageworks, The Powerhouse before a workshop at the Australian Museum.

Angelina is organising another art event on 9th October.  You can contact her here for more deets!

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This week I talk to Jackie and Jamie about ‘I heart Sydney BikeLanes and Cycleways’, the forthcoming WOOP ride and how they’re going to take on Duncan Gay, NSW Transport Minister.

The WOOP ride is taking place on Sunday 15th May from 11am.  It’s a rolling festival along the entire length of the Bourke St cycleway.  Many of the local business are taking part and riders can use vouchers to enjoy discounts… lots more happening, looks brilliant!!   Click onto their facebook page to find out up to the minute details…

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10 April – That community feel

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This week Bikelove enjoys the community feel and small quiet back streets of Surry Hills.  We jumped on board the Ride Sydney iniative and trawled the many garage sales by bicycle.  This is the second year for a coordinated garage sale in Sydney but this year it’s gone national!  I for one will definitely be looking forward to next year!

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