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10 October – Gracious cycling

Download the MP3 A new style of riding?  Gracious cycling does as much to benefit you the rider as it does everyone else, says Patrick Jones of BikeWise.  

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21 March – Rain rain rain

Download the MP3 Cycling in the rain was never my favourite thing but after talking with the expert I explore how to stay dry and toasty!  Who said mudguards were for wusses! See how it’s done in Copenhagen (photo by … Continue reading

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8 November – MegaPhone…

Download the MP3 Have you met the latest Cycleway personality?  Chances are, if you’ve ridden along Kent St or College St over the past 4 weeks during commuter times you would have seen a sensible looking gentleman wielding a large … Continue reading

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11 October – Ride to work… go on!

Wednesday of this week was Ride to Work day.  A brilliant time to kick start that rolling habit of taking two wheels to work.  Here’s a taster of what a bike commute feels like… Download the MP3

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6 September – May I borrow that bike?

Download the MP3 A great new initiative has opened up in the Inner West, the Bike Library.  A range of cargo bikes that you can borrow for up to 3 hours for free!  A great problem solver.  Not everyone has a … Continue reading

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22 March – Is there really a war out there?

Download the MP3 Following 60 minutes and various Sydney Morning Herald reports, BikeLove talks with 3 people from the ‘bicycle’ world and explores whether there really is a transport war in Sydney.  Patrick Jones is the Director of BikeWise, Richard … Continue reading

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7 December – What can we learn from London?

Download the MP3 This week BikeLove talks to Barry Mason from Southwark Cyclists, a local campaigning group.  Barry is a stalwart of the London Cycling Campaign (LCC) and heavily involved with Southwark Cyclists for many years.  He has seen cycling … Continue reading

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19 October – Never looked back

Download the MP3 Interesting to talk to cyclists who have discovered riding by force of hand. If they hadn’t had their license taken away they may never have discovered the joys of two wheels!

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28 September – Our favourite feathered friend

Download the MP3 This week on BikeLove we take a closer look at the Magpie.  Every spring, your average Aussie cyclist will have an encounter with this handsome bird.  I talk to Professor Kaplan, Animal Behaviourist at UNE as  to why … Continue reading

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10 August – Go Dutch

Download the MP3 This week I chat to Meindert, a bone fide Dutchie in Sydney, about how Sydney is going in its quest to become a cool bike city!  He’ s also repsonsible for launching the Vanmoof into Australia.   A … Continue reading

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